Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Drop-Off Site For Small Toys...

Dad's Place is now a DROP-OFF site for children's toys and baby items that will be delivered to the Dumas area. We are looking for items like:
small stuffed animals
coloring books
side-walk chalk
jump ropes
small cars
barbie dolls
colored pencils

baby food
baby wipes
and anything else along these lines

Any items such as these will be greatly appreciated. And THANKS to Journey Church for taking these items to the children for us.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wrap-Up Is Coming...

The Wrap-Up is on it's way, but there are still great posts and comments still 'flying' in! So in the meantime, here are a couple of things I'd love for you to check out:

My buddy, James Martin has started a new blog...'Life Of A TiVo Junkie'. Be sure and stop over and enjoy his reviews of TV Shows and Movies. And don't forget to comment on your thoughts on those same shows! Go ahead and link him up on your blog sites!

Angela has released her Angelina Award Nomination Catagories. Drop by and make your nominations NOW. Great Job Angela!

And what ever you do, don't miss the firestorm that currently taking place at ML...34 comments and counting!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Saturday Wrap-Up... we go...the week that was, in no particular order...

Mark is off...

Jeff is looking for haters...count me in. A definite MUST READ!

Brandy discusses love languages.

T.J. Files plays with automatic doors...a must read.

Kevin found his paradise by the dashboard lights.

T.J. gets sappy over Melissa. Yea, yea I was Valentine's Day!

Check out the proposal for W.C. Whaley over at MonticelloLive. And also, listen to the podcast of this week's city council meeting.

And here's a first...Angela has nominated this for blog of the week. I agree! By the way, stay tuned for the First Annual Angelina Awards.

Have a great week...see ya next Friday!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Wrap-Up...

My usual Friday Wrap-Up is running a little late. Sorry about that. I hope to have it finished by tomorrow. Until then...

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Friday Wrap-Up...

Friday is here and none too soon! Our week at DP has been insane! It was our pleasure to host the UAM Signing Party for our new football recruits this past Wednesday evening. Thanks to Coach Matthews and his staff for allowing us an opportunity to serve our University. Today brings a 'crispness' in the air and, an anticipation for R & R from the weekend. This week's blogs will be certainly entertaining. Don't miss either of them! Here it is, the week that was, in no certain order...

Jeff & Caro bring us their Disney Diaries. (Make sure you read each day's entrys.)

Dean and Prince...all I can say is, Let's Go Crazy.

Blog of the Week..."On Stupidity And The Such..." An absolute MUST READ!

As only Mark can, his encounter with...well, you'll just have to read it for yourself! Another absolute MUST READ!

Have a Great Week...see ya next Friday...

Another Perspective On Stupidity...

As only Mark could, you MUST READ his encounter from this past Monday night. Great Job Mark!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On Stupidity And The Such...

Every now and then, there is just cause for us to crawl up on our 'soapbox' and simply yell and scream about something that we believe in, or when something is blatantly wrong. Mark this down, I am officially on a soapbox!

Let me preface this post by saying this, I understand (to a certain degree) ignorance. And because of that, I can usually file away any thing or any conversation where ignorance is involved. Take for example the fact that I know absolutely nothing about Apple computers. What little I do claim to know, I don't like. That's my personal preference. However if I were to get into a deep 'theological' conversation concerning Apple computers, my input into that conversation would be pure ignorance! And the person that I was having that conversation with, would see my lack of knowledge immediately, call it ignorance, and wouldn't put any stock into my thoughts. Probably would make fun of me so-called lack of knowledge. And justifiably so. Wikipedia even agrees with me! So you see, I understand.

However, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for stupidity...on any level. Whether its in a conversation or in action, ZERO TOLERANCE! Wikipedia goes on to say that, 'The term (stupidity) can thus also refer to poor use of judgement...' Yep, I believe that also!

Last night, I encountered a massive case of stupidity that was laced with complete ignorance. Absolutely unbelievable! On Monday nights, DP is thumpin'! Take into consideration the fact that people are going back to routine after the weekend and need to get caffeinated for work and school, combined with the fact that DP has our Doubles Dart League that is played on Monday nights, and you get a VERY busy place with a lot of traffic! So in reality, I guess that jealousy and/or enviousness is the real root to this grandiose case of stupidity. Last night, our wonderful neighbors...the fine upstanding citizens they are...from the 'diner next door'...were so slow with customers, they decided to literally stand on their parking lot and refused to allow anyone that was not going into their diner, a place to park. Many of our customers...our friends, were harassed, treated rudely, and were forced to come face-to-face with a card-carrying, class A, stark-raving idiot! It's extremely obvious to me that if their diner was busy, they wouldn't have the time to stand outside and run off other businesses' traffic. There's no wonder that their parking lot stays empty, and all the customers from other businesses in the neighborhood use their empty parking spaces. With this attitude, they can probably rent their parking lot as a roller-skating rink because they're certainly not inviting others to come in. When I attempted to confront the owner (actually lessee would be the correct term), I was greeted with the same harshness as our friends from an individual who simply refused to listen to reason and hear the truth. I honestly haven't seen anything like this in a long time!

So to our friends, I greatly apologize for what you had to put up with last night. And unfortunately, we will probably see this again in the near future. Just know, that you and your families are greatly appreciated from us at DP, and I'm truly sorry for their stupidity and ignorance.

I certainly don't have the right to tell anyone where or where not to dine. But I can tell you this, if you do choose to eat at our 'diner next door', there has to be a sign on their door that warns you that you are now entering a 'stupidity containment area.'

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Friday Wrap-Up...

It's Friday again, and we have obviously dodged the 'weather bullet'! The flu is still taking it's toll in town, but I do believe we're on the mend. Several things in the blog world from the past two weeks, so here it goes...the week(s) that was, in no particular order...

Angela auditions for American Idol with a Neil Diamond classic.

You can find a couple of Super Bowl predictions here and here.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the first flag of the biggest game of the year was thrown days before the game!

Finally, a local church is looking for the biggest loser.

T.J.'s smoking.

Brandy has a convict living at home. The charge against the perp: Painting the toilet with fingernail polish! Too Funny!!

Kevin remembers.

I went down to the creek bed.

Jeff is going to "Big Ear" World! With daily posts all next week! He also gave us a couple of great posts over the past few days. One on 'Experience vs Obedience' and an eye-opener on 'What Young Adults Want' which is my choice for blog of the week!

Lot's of things going on over at DPN.

That's it for now, see ya next week...