Friday, May 25, 2007

Reflections In The Water...Part #2...

The group was three million strong. With them, they brought every piece of their belongings, as little and as ragged as it may be. For generations, all they knew and understood was slavery. Their living conditions were nothing more than cardboard cells. For most, the mere concept of freedom existed only in someone else’s world…another place, another time. Torture and death were the norm. Peace had vanished. That place called the Promise Land seemed fictional. It was the best of times…it was the worst of times. And now, things just got even worse…

This man called Moses had led the children of Israel out of slavery and into a world that was unusual by any stretch of the imagination. Not having to submit to the impetuous conditions provided by the Egyptian army was a lifestyle the latter generations had never known. Freedom…really?

There they stood, staring into the waters of the Red Sea. And staring back at them were desperate faces seeking deliverance. The path to perpetual freedom had led them to what appeared to be, a watery grave. With grumblings spreading throughout the camp, an about-face seemed evident. Maybe the life of slavery wasn’t so bad after all. Crying out for answers, the ground beneath them began to tremble. What they thought was an answered prayer was actually their worst nightmare coming true. For in the distance, the cause of the rumblings began to appear. It wasn’t a redeemer, it was reality. The Egyptian army had sent it’s best warriors to amass the Israelites and return them back into slavery. Death was before them, riding in chariots.

Have you ever been, literally, between the devil and the Red Sea? You know, the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’? Yes you have. And some of you may be there now. Desperate for answers…not knowing which way to turn, what to do, you cry out for help only to have your pleas slowly sink beneath the sea. There is rarely a more lonely feeling…forgotten…hopeless.

I understand. Knowing that the God who led you out of one place only to ‘seemingly’ abandon you at the corner of death and desperation, is now silent. The waters of the Red Sea splash on the shores and on your feet, only to remind you that time is drawing near. And if there has ever been a time in your life to depend on the Living God, it’s now. Yet, the heavens remain silent.

Shhhhhhh…the winds of hope are beginning to blow…

…to be continued.

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