Friday, January 18, 2008

New Book Release...

One of my closest and dearest friends in all the world, Shane Knight, has just released his first book. It has been in the printing and editing stages for many months, and today it was announced to the public. I'm extremely excited for him and his ministry, and I strongly feel that his work can & will help other pastors and staff members.

"If The Truth Be Told" is a hard hitting book on the stress that ministers face in vocational ministry and how this stress can lead to ministers and other staff members leaving vocational ministry. He has put an unbelievable amount of time and research in this project. I have been with him from the very concept of this book, and I've read in it's entirety, and I must say, it is a must read for your libraries. It will be available for purchase at all major book stores on April 22nd, however, you can order your copy NOW online HERE.

Please pray that God will use this book in a mighty and powerful way.

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