Friday, March 02, 2007

The Friday Wrap-Up...

Lots of great stuff to read out there in blog world. Seems like everybody has had something to say the past few days! Great reads everywhere...thanks for making my week better. In the meantime, Dad's Place is a drop-off site for toys and baby stuff for our neighbors in Dumas. Get it to us, Journey Church will get it to them.
Here it is, the week that was, in no particular order...

Mark has found his big brother.

Nominations are screaming in for the Angelina Awards! Get your nominations in now!

He said he tried to say 'No'...but the temptation was too great...Jeff gave in and became a prostitute last week! A Must Read! A tie for Blog of the Week.

A great blog that is being read a lot locally is MMI...put it in you bloglines!

Brandy has it relentless.

T.J. Files looks at passion or passiveness.

Dean takes an inside look at a Playboy Bunny.

Brandi is back!

Twenty For The Future head to D.C.

Check out the latest TiVo & Movie reviews at TiVo Junkie.

T.J. Scott is choosing to lose church attenders. Tied for Blog of the Week.

Meet my new buddy, Jason...he's Melancholy in Monticello.

And what ever you do, the firestorm that's currently taking place at ML is still going! Don't Miss It!

Have an incredible week, see ya next Friday!

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