Friday, March 16, 2007

The Friday Wrap-up...

Great week...great week...great week. And only one week left till MHS & DCHS have their Spring Breaks...hang on! Super week in Blogsville, have a fun time reading. Here it is, the week that was, in no particular order...

Kristy and her bunch look like bumps on a log. Cute post!

Check out the quiet at Brandi's.

Jonathan's take on 'a time to leave'. A must read.

T.J.'s take on creation. A close runner-up to Blog of the Week. Cool Avatar, by the way!

DPDL makes MonticelloLive.

Jeff has two posts that are worthy of the wrap-up:
1.) He's a freak...duh!

2.) He's figured out that he has a Twitter...and he likes to play with , er I mean update it.

But to my surprise, this morning I read an incredible post that spoke so very BOLDLY to me. An absolute MUST READ by Amanda...and hands-down winner for Blog of the Week! Just Boil Me Over! Great job Amanda!

That's it for now...have a great week.

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lifeguard said...

Thanks feels good to finally get a mention on your Friday Wrap-up...