Friday, October 06, 2006

Organic Church Quotes #3...

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"We would do much better as leaders in the Church to learn at the feet of the farmer rather than study with the CEO of a corporation. It is time we see that the Church starts in the fields, not in the barns (Prov. 24:27). We spend so much time building nice barns with padded pews, air-conditioned halls, and state-of-the-art sound systems, yet we have neglected the fields."


TJ said...

I quote my pastor friend in Kentucky:

"It's time we stop just having church, and start being the church!"

If we are the temple of the Holy Ghost, why are we building "temples" to bring people to, and not bringing the temple to the people!

It's almost like an inner city (big city) church I heard of recently that wants to move to the suburbs so they can get away from the "hoodlums" instead of sending people out to the hurting people of their city.

"why don't we reach up and touch the ground - to find we're living life upside down" (Truth - Upside down)

Mark W. said...'s just not very enticing to put forth that kind of effort, and for those long hours, and all the while staring at a horse's you know what (see picture).

[That was my first reaction. Hope you like it...or not.]

dean said...

you know that's one of the criticisms of rick warren and hybels and other mega-church leaders and their facilities... they've built really nice "barns" (and this after all the time i just took to come to warren's defense! :-) however, in warren's case, he' put his money (literally) where his mouth is concerning "doing church" out in the fields. yeah, he has a pretty nice barn, but God has used those folks to bring quite a harvest into that barn.

the churches that build the mega-facility for the sake of having the facility (rather than the facility being a means to an end, it IS the end), they're missing it entirely. and then on top of that, they treat the place like a museum. mike yaconelli (founder of youth specialties) used to go on a rant about what he called the "jones memorial carpet room"... almost every church has one of those... that part of the buiding that nobody (especially children and youth!) is allowed to step foot in lest it get soiled. i'm really of the mindset that the building should literally resemble a barn... USE ( and i'm not saying abuse) THE DARN THING!

at the rate many churches are going, the facility will, in the end, more resemble a mausoleum. ironically enough, a drive through new england wil reveal that there's many a (former) church building being pressed into service as... barns!

Drshaneknight said...

Actualy, if you drive around and look at SBC church faclities, 3 out of 4 would be renderend in-adequate for 21st century ministry. Thinkk about and look around, it is true. The ones that are updating thier facilities are few and far betwee, they are just more noticiable, why? Becuase most churches are not doing anything to update thier faclities.

But, I agree, with the comments made. The issues at hand is, we have mistaked the church for what the church truely is (people)