Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It saddens me so as I devour everything on the news channels to digest this horrific act of violence on the Virginia Tech campus. It seems as only yesterday that my family and I were caught in the middle of the school shooting that took place in Jonesboro. There are scenes of that tragedy that still play out in my mind, so I really can't grasp what many of these students and faculty are facing today at VT.

What's so ironic is my last post was a call to arms for todays Christians in the battle of good vs evil. And I wrote it only 24 hours prior to the first shots being fired. Here is another great post about Living in Enemy Territory. And a definite MUST READ is this Call To Prayer , concerning this dramatic situation from David James, Team Leader of the ABSC Collegiate Ministry.

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Thanks for linking DJ's article. I was good to read his perspective as well.

I got an email from Darrell this a.m.