Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Year End Wrap-Up...

In August of last year, I entered into a new world...a world of the unknown...the world of blogging. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes hilarious, sometimes controversial, yet always exciting. Being the 'aggressive reader' and the 'writer-want-to-be' that I am, I was aways intrigued by the concept of blogging, yet would always find some excuse not to enter this 'new world'. It was by the constant 'encouragement' (borderline nagging) from many friends, that I've entered into this never-ending, always challenging blog world. A decision I'm very glad I made.

Blogs are as different as each one's personality. And I find it increasingly amazing that we can most-times always be our true selves in this land of blog.

There are several each day that I would consider a 'daily click'. And my day just doesn't seem complete if I haven't taken the time to read my blog list. I'm sure most of you feel the same way.

I've taken the past week to look through the archives of my 'daily clicks' to find the posts that really, really stood out, or spoke to me. It's those posts that poked or prodded me in new and unique ways. Some posts were educational for me. Some were gut wrenching. But each made a lasting impression on me, and it's that impression that I want to share with you.

As I've already said, I read many each day...but these...well, just read for yourself.

Here is it, the year that was (or at least since August), in no particular order...

Dean's opening post when he first began his road trip was one of those hidden nuggets. But it was his post on 'Warrenism' that still has comments coming in. And I must say, Dean's bloghead is just killer.

Angela's story of a makeover with her daughter Val was too cute. However, her video tribute to the late Steve Irwin gets her video of the year. By the way, Angela just posted one that's sure to make the weekly wrap-up.

Kevin's toothache is a distinct keeper.

DavicusPrime's inward scope on depravity cuts to the bone.

Mark consistently brings everything he's cooked up to the table. There were so many of his posts that I truly enjoyed, but there were a couple that rose above the others. One of his latest entries in December was a true look into the horrors of high school (and the pics, oh my!). His post on the problems of a private prayer language in October was great. But it was in August, when Mark posted a small entry on racism that truly spoke volumes to me. Mark consistently quenches my thirst for reading. It's always a pleasure!

Melissa's crooked post in October was priceless, not to mention that pic!

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. The blog over at journeyguy's is without a doubt the busiest. Sometimes 3 or more posts per day. But in the midst of all that blog fodder, Jeff always serves up a dandy. Instead of giving you one or two certain posts, I would like to encourage you to check out his entire blog. You'll be glad you did.

I wait with anticipation each time I click on Brandy's blog. I never know what to expect. But one thing I do know when I go there, her posts are bathed in honesty, innocence and reality. Two of her posts I still think of often. It was the one on worship from September 4th and her post on money & offerings from October 29th. Make sure you read them both.

T.J.'s blog probably has the widest range of topics. Expect anything over there. But it was his personal explanation on Holy Spirit Baptism, Tongues, and Etc. that cleared up several mysteries to me. Get inside T.J.'s head. By the way, his take on 'Walk on the Water' wasn't half bad either.

I really chose to 'espresso myself' back in October when I gave you a three part entry on the beginnings of Dad's Place. Part 3 is still one of the most 'commented on' posts that I've seen. Here it is, in it's entirety, "Looking At The Future Through My Rear View Mirror" Part #1 ..... Part #2 ..... Part #3.

The birth of MonticelloLive was one of the most exciting events of the year for our community. And it still is providing a breeding ground for conversation and controversy concerning topics that effect us each and every day. Two of the stories on ML stirred up this town like I've never seen it before. The post on the proposed $6m Community Center and the proposed tax increase for the hospital expansion, was incredible. Great Job ML. But it was a simple story about a simple man that I must say is my blog of the year. Once you read it, I know you'll agree with me. Here it is ..... One Monticello Life: Mr. Carpenter.

2007 is now here. What does that mean for me...what does that mean for you? I guess we'll just have to wait...and read.


Mark W. said...

Jim - What a great "year in review" post. There has been some good stuff circulating through the blogosphere. I love it.

...and thanks for the good-sized paragraph about markVerse. I'm very honored and appreciative.

Brandy said...

jim, you surpassed "writer-want-to-be" some time ago! you ARE a writer...and such a kind compliment is held dear when it comes from a writer...thanks!

love in christ, from a fellow blog-addict.